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Here on ngiLegacy.com we have hand picked from a collection of articles all around the world to inform you about Africa. The articles we recompile cover a broad range of subjects. That will help you understand Africa past, present and maybe help it mold it's future.

Africa History was been really rich in it's event. It was the birthplace of humanity. It is from this lands that humanity first walked. In this land is where we discovered and mastered fire. This discovery helped pave the way to start of civilization. From Africa humanity took over the world by slowly migrating to the far reaches of the globe. Africa was also the witness to one of the biggest civilization in history the Egyptian. It was from here that the Europeans started the slave trade and transported many African to America.

We also talk about Africa's Art. It's very cultural rich and diverse. The continent is full of people unique visual perspective due to it's culture and sociey.

Nowadays Africa has been hit by poverty and hunger. The harsh climates and government corruption have made the country very hard to live. We'll talk about political prisoner. We'll inform you about current Africa News. It's our mission to point this out and find ways to help in what ever way we can. By firstly informing and then giving our opinion. So we invite you to continue reading on our site. For you to be better inform.

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